Thursday, June 07, 2007

This week has been busy, especially at night.

Trip and I got our pictures taken for our church directory last night. We're having them put in together, even though when the directory comes out in September, we won't be married yet. But it was fun. I found out that I really don't like pictures where people are staring off into the distance. It reminds of the poster from the 40-Year-Old Virgin where Steve Carrell is staring oddly off into space. It's just kind of creepy. But we get a free picture for ourselves -- how pretty!

We've also started to look at apartments. I think it'll be an interesting process, trying to decide where to live. There are just so many factors to consider -- if we live in the city, car insurance would go up, but the cost for my commute would probably go down. If we live in the county, we need to be near public transportation AND an easy way for Trip to get to work. Plus I really want to live somewhere with a washer and dryer in the unit and ideally we'd like a fitness center (this is if we go with an apartment complex). It's enough to drive me crazy!

I'm starting to get excited for my trip to Boston. It should be fun -- I'll have the conference on Thursday and Friday and will get to spend time with Jenny H. over the weekend! I've been to Boston before, but this time I'll be on my own for a bigger portion of time. So I'm working on familiarizing myself with where things are located in relation to my hotel. Fun stuff!

Also, TRAVIS put out a new album and they are touring! They're in the D.C. area in July, but tickets are $40 (a little pricey). Trip says they're in Philly a little earlier and tickets are only $27.50, but I wonder if the drive to Philly will be worth the extra $12.50 we'd save on tickets. I don't know... But yay! Travis!!!

Here's a fun goal for the month of June/July: I'm re-reading the Harry Potter series. I've already made it through the first one and started the second one. I should also watch the third movie, since I've never actually seen it. The books are quite entertaining!


Jenny said...

Travis is also coming to First Avenue on July 22nd for $24. Opening act TBA - now should I go or not? I suppose I would have to hear their new album first... and brush up on their other albums... too bad I do not own them.

Rebecca said...

I saw that! You should totally go. Maybe I can send you a mix of their greatest hits. I've got all of Travis's CDs. They rule.