Friday, February 16, 2007

Yum, yum! I'm making the New York Time's Fake Baked Beans with Crispy Bacon and the beans cooking with the onion, garlic, and bay leaf just smells AWESOME. I hope they taste as good. I'm modifying the recipe a little bit too. I don't have cloves, so I just left them out. I'm going to use brown sugar instead of molasses because I don't have any. And I love Great Northern beans in my baked beans, so I'm adding a can after the white beans finish cooking. I'll let you know how it turns out, but so far it smells delicious!!

I've been a busy girl this morning. I've already gone grocery shopping, washed and dried two loads of laundry, mopped the floors, cleaned the bathroom, and bought stuff at Target. The Target trip included some new Cover Girl mascara and hair dye. I'm changing my hair color to Biscotti, a Dark Blonde color that purports to give "natural results" with "beige to gold highlights." Typically I go more red, but I think that I'm going to try staying closer to my natural hair color. But who knows? I can always change it back to my typical reddish/brown/blonde color!

In other news, I've been playing my trombone a little bit this afternoon. I am playing a song for work -- a children's program on jazz. So I have to learn how to play 'Round Midnight before Tuesday so I can practice it with the people that I'm doing the program with. It's interesting, but I seem to have kept an idea of the different notes and everything. The hardest part is getting the melody in my head. I have the hardest time doing that. It's like I know that a quarter note is one beat and an eighth note is half of a beat, but actually putting it all together is really difficult for me. I've always had this problem. Sometimes it just feels like I'm playing notes, not a song. But it'll all come together -- I hope!

This weekend I might be going to see Ghostrider with the boys. I'm not 100% sold on the movie -- I'd rather see Music and Lyrics for Hugh Grant, but I'm sure it'll be fun too.


Jon said...

I would like to play the trombone at your wedding, as well.


Jenny said...

Dude, go see Words and Music!!! Anything with Hugh Grant dressed up in 80s band costume has to be fab!

Also, wow be all productive like, that sounds like a very busy morning!

Oh and I have been telling everyone I know to vote for Nicole, but they all laugh at me with the whole sister's finance's roommates sister thing. They always, for some odd reason, think Keven Bacon is involved.

Rebecca said...

Oh, we will see Words and Music eventually. I don't so much care for Drew Barrymore, but Hugh Grant in an '80s PoP group must be seen.

You know Mike -- just say you know her brother! That he'll be walking you down the aisle in my wedding (best man and all).

Jon said...

I suppose your silence indicates approval. I don't know many songs on the trombone, but I can play "Taps". I will play that at your wedding.