Sunday, January 14, 2007

What a weekend!

I was helping chaperone a church retreat with the Confirmation students. There were supposed to be two girls going along, but one dropped out earlier (didn't realize she had signed up and had something else going on) and the other decided not to come on Friday at 3:30 pm. We left for the hotel at 6:30.

So I went anyway and helped out with the eight boys that we were chaperoning. They were surprisingly well-behaved and fun to spend time with.

However, I ended up getting sick on Saturday afternoon with achiness and the chills. My teeth were literally chattering! So I had to skip out on some of the activities to try to sleep upstairs in the hotel room. Not the most fun I've ever had, but at least now I am feeling 90% better. I'm not quite 100%, but I'm getting closer. With the trip coming up to Seattle, I want to be healthy for flying!

The wedding planning is also coming along. We've got a rough idea of a budget and are working on finding options within the price range. I was super stressed out about it earlier this week, but right now I am at peace and confident that whatever we end up doing, it'll be awesome. I can't imagine that I will really be worried about it when the day comes along -- the best thing will be that I'll be married and starting a life together with Trip!

With all the wedding stuff happening, I've forgotten about the fact that my birthday is coming up. It's on Wednesday! Sadly this year, because I had the retreat and the trip to Seattle, I won't be able to have a birthday party. And we have a Young Adult study that Trip is leading on Wednesday nights, so he can't even take me out for my birthday on my birthday! But we're going out for dinner tomorrow. It should be nice, and I imagine I'll get some presents. Yay, presents!

I'm also having lots of fun looking for wedding books at the library. Because our library is so old, we've got some really awesome photography books of weddings that range from the 1940s up to the mid-70s. They are a sight to see!

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rabbi said...

You know you want to invite me to your wedding. COME ON