Friday, December 15, 2006

The plan is to make up for the fact that I am slacky, slacky blogger today with many posts.

Baking is going well. I have the trail mix cookies in the oven right now, and will be tackling cut-out cookies last. My worry right now is where to store all these delicious treats before packaging them up for giving away. I think I should be able to use my roommate's cake safe, so that'll help a lot.

I was sick this week -- some kind of cold. It mostly just made me really, really tired. On Monday morning I called my Mom to say hello and she ended up convincing me to stay home. "You've got sick time, why don't you use it?" So I stayed home Monday and watched TV. I made it into work on Tuesday, but only managed to stay until noon. So I got to watch a kickin' episode of Murder, She Wrote on Tuesday that featured a very young Bill Mahr and Faith Ford. Very eighties! But mostly I got a lot of sleep, drank OJ and ginger ale, and rotated between the couch and the digital cable TV and my room.

But now I am feeling better, with the exception of an odd light headed feeling. It's almost like I'm tipsy, but I have definitely not been drinking anything! It's kind of entertaining, but since it's been going on for a few days, I should perhaps be concerned about it. Or else I just need to start eating more food. I didn't have much for lunch today -- I figured with the bits and pieces of cookie that I end up trying, it wouldn't be a wise idea to have a big lunch...maybe I was wrong?

Before I started baking at around 11 am, I got my oil changed. So far my new car has a little under 12000 miles on it. Not too bad! Plus I went to the post office and got stamps (Christmas cards are on the way!) and mailed a package. So it's been a busy day already!

I went to New York City last weekend (Saturday - Sunday) for an engagement party. (Yeah, I know. Not many people have engagement parties these days.) We did have a little bit of time to walk around the City, so Trip and I went up to Times Square and got to see the Rockefeller Plaza tree and shop a little bit. And then it was back to the Village for the party. It was in a private school with the fanciest cafeteria I had ever seen -- cute light blue paint and wood floors. The food was pretty good, but unfortunately I was a little tired (and perhaps also a little whiny) so it wasn't as much fun as if I had been healthy. We stayed in Newark, NJ so I went through the Holland Tunnel a few times. (No, I wasn't driving.) We also had to go back on Sunday morning to pick up Trip's cousin. The combination of a late night and an early morning wasn't ideal, but the breakfast made up for it. We went to this place in Tribecca called Bubby's which had fabulous French style hot cocoa. It was super, super rich and tasted like a melted chocolate bar! I also got pancakes (but only managed to eat one).

Once these cookies are done, I am getting in the shower. It's almost 3 pm and I feel a little grimy!

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