Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving was quite fun this year! Nothing as exciting (or scary) as last year -- dinner with Trip's parents and his aunt and uncle. We drove up in the rain (maybe not the best idea) on Wednesday night because we were running a 5K in the morning! Yes, I successfully completed the 5K! We did end up walking for a bit because the gradual uphill was more than I could take. I also ended up with a stitch in my side. Goal for the next 5K is to breath deeply and run the whole race. My official finish time was 36:21, #547 overall, #61 in my division. The best part is that the split for our run was 11:44! We'd been running about a 12 minute mile during practice and it was really, really awesome to see that we could do better. Sure 11:44 isn't super fast, but it's faster than I thought. My goals for the race were to finish in less than 40 minutes and to run the whole thing. One out of two isn't too bad.

Thanksgiving dinner was good. It was different than my family does Thanksgiving, but it was still really good. The stuffing was excellent and the Dutch apple pie that I made turned out really good too.

I had another first this weekend too! On Saturday we shopped for Christmas presents (I'm almost done!) and ended up going to see the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale. (I liked Daniel Craig, but I wanted more dialogue/exposition. Eva Green was excellent and Craig looks a lot like a 1950s movie star, like Burt Lancaster, with his muscular physique.) So we went out for dinner to Kyodai Rotating Sushi Bar. I had been wanting to go there to have sushi in a less intimidating fashion -- just pick out what looks good -- and perhaps slightly cheaper. We got three plates each, green tea, and shared a red-bean ice cream for dessert all for around $30. Not too bad, and it was fun to talk to the people behind the revolving belt and ask what was what. There was a really good one that both Trip and I liked that had sauteed crab wrapped in the sushi rice. It looked really cool with the little crab bits errupting out of the top of the sushi roll.

And now I am off to Lancaster, PA for a conference. It should be fun, and this year I am not sick. Last time I went, I was horribly sick and ended up going to events and napping most of the time. It was definitely better than being sick at home, but it took a lot out of me. Hopefully this time I will meet some people and have a nice time, as well as learning about things too.

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