Wednesday, April 05, 2006

You know that feeling that you get when you've eaten probably a little too much? Well, I've got it right now. There was a bake sale/rummage sale at work and I got a slice of coconut layer cake which was totally delicious. But I probably shouldn't have eaten it for lunch...I wasn't all that hungry and I ate everything else too... Oh well, it's soup supper tonight at church. And hopefully we won't get a table near the desserts, so I can just have a light dinner of soup (and I think it's crab soup night tonight!) and salad.

This morning has been crazy busy for me. I went to work early this morning -- 8:30 am. I had a program at a mission -- going over the basics of my section of the library. I got there a little too early, so I ended up sitting around for a bit. But it went well. The only downside to this morning is that all of my bagels were moldy so I ended up going to drop of Good Night, and Good Luck at Blockbuster (it was okay -- I almost fell asleep a few times though!) and hitting the ATM and Starbucks for breakfast. I've got a banana in my bag that I could've eaten, but I don't think I need it now! So after getting back from that presentation, I headed back to work for another presentation this morning to a group from Catholic Charities.

But, best of all, I am leaving work an hour early this afternoon. Mostly because I am kind of tired and want to take a nap and clean up a little bit at home. So I get to leave at 3:30!! Yay. Plus I worked all weekend -- Saturday and Sunday -- so I feel like I deserve to get a little bit of free time off.

In other news, I am excited to have the next TWO weekends off in a row. And I will be in Delaware (I believe) for both of 'em -- going to Palm Sunday service at Trip's old church and then hopefully out for brunch with some of the contemporary worship folks. And the following Saturday we will be going up to have a pre-Easter dinner at his parent's house. Very exciting! And good food, I'm going to assume.

What else has been going on? Work has mostly consisted of preparing for presentations and recovering from being off for a week. And non-work has been pretty laid back -- other than the excursions to DE, I don't have anything too exciting planned.

Hmmm...other points of discussion. I don't know what I think of the New York Times's website redesign. Part of me enjoys it because it feels more like a real paper, but I really liked their old format. And the new format definitely requires less scrolling, it seems a little harder for me to find the same information. I guess I'll get used to it pretty soon, but I LOVED the old site. I am so lame.

In music news, I am actually currently listening to the Kaiser Chiefs, who are pretty cool. A guy at Borders recommended them to me when I was buying Supergrass is 10 because he said "No one listens to Supergrass!" (In my head, I was saying to myself, 'Dude, do you not notice the fact that I am buying a Supergrass album?'). And then he said that people like the Kaiser Chiefs and he always says, "Well, Supergrass has been making the same kind of music for a decade!" I'm not sure that I totally agree with his assessment, but I believe they are British (ROCK!) and have a somewhat similar sound. Anyway, the gist of this is: buy both albums and enjoy.

Also, I have to add: isn't Easter one of the best holidays ever? I mean, right now I feel like it ranks up with Halloween as a second-best holiday. (Christmas, for me, will always be number one because it comes with presents.) How do I judge a second-best holiday? Oh, the candy! Halloween has always been number 2 for me because you get to dress up and eat tasty candy. I love candy corn. But Easter has usurped Halloween. How? By making Sweetart jelly beans. I love jelly beans, but the Sweetart jelly beans are SOOOO tasty. I will eat a bag in a week! So sweet and yet tart at the same time with a delicious jelly center. It's the perfect jelly bean.

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