Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm trying to think of what I need to update here. I guess I should start with Easter. No Easter basket for me, but I did get a really cute card from Trip. And a card from my sister. And candy, a card, a candy dish, and a cute little stuffed chick from my parents. And there was delicious ham, cheesy hashbrowns, and green beans for dinner. Quite good, if I don't say so myself. And I'm still eating it!

I went up to Delaware on Saturday for a pre-Easter dinner with Trip's family. It was a really delicious meal. And seeing his parents, aunt and uncle, and grandfather was pretty cool. Plus we went to the Delaware Art Museum. They've recently renovated, so it looked completely different than the last time Trip or his Dad had been there, but quite a few of the galleries were still closed to put artwork in them. I enjoyed what we saw -- a lot of the Brandywine area artists like the Wyeths and an illustrator whose name elludes me at the moment. I really enjoyed seeing the illustrators of the early 20th century. It made me want to go downstairs to our periodicals department and see if we had any of those magazines that commissioned such interesting illustrations to go along with their stories. I imagine we do, but I haven't quite made it down there yet.

It was quite lovely to have a three day weekend. I even got my oil changed on Friday morning -- yes, I've just finally hit a little over 3000 miles on the new car, which, sadly, still remains nameless! Perhaps I am just not meant to have stuff with nicknames. Or maybe Jenny can come up with one once she has driven it.

Best of all, Jenny is coming to visit me in May! For a whole week! Woo-hoo. So I am looking forward to taking a few days off while she is here in May and doing stuff with her. I'm not quite sure what, I guess I need to investigate what is going on while she'll be here, but I know we'll find something fun to do.

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