Thursday, February 23, 2006

I got my haircut today. And now I have shorter hair and bangs! Well, not bangs in the traditional sense, but the girl who cut my hair gave me a little bit more bang than I would've liked. Oh well, they'll grow out.

I went to New York with Cupcake yesterday. The big highlight was seeing The Pajama Game with Harry Connick Jr.! It was quite a fun show -- I would recommend going to see it, if you can. Harry Connick Jr. is quite a good lookin' man, and reminds me a lot of Frank Sinatra. We also shopped a little bit -- I got some delicious smelling purfume from Sephora -- Falling in Love from Philosophy. It makes me smell delicious. For fragrancies, I think that smelling good enough to eat is a good idea. I also got a couple of shirts at Macy's -- black and white, but I can probably wear them to work and on the weekends. Three-quarter sleeve shirts with snaps and a johnny collar. Nice material, and for less than $10 per shirt, quite a bargain!

And I had today off and tomorrow off. I just worked Tuesday -- and I don't have to go back until Saturday. I do also have to work on Sunday afternoon, but I think it'll be okay.

Hmmm....I also forgot to tape the Project Runway reunion show. I have been quite enjoying the show -- I hope that Santino doesn't win. I'm not sure who I like better -- Daniel V. or Chloe. Probably Chloe, because she has a pretty good vision and doesn't always win. Or make it look easy, like Daniel V. has been doing lately.

Well, I've got to go teach Confirmation. Have a splendid Thursday night.

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