Thursday, December 15, 2005

We had a manager's holiday lunch at work today. We went to this Spanish restaraunt close the library and the food was okay, albeit a little over priced. And I should have gone with the nut roll instead of the chocolate roll. The chocolate roll was just not chocolatey enough -- it was mostly whipped cream. And I like good fresh whipped cream as much as the next person, but it was just too much. We also got sangria, which was quite nice at lunch time. I've never really drank while on the job before -- actually, I take that back. I did once before. But having sangria with lunch was quite good. I didn't have a lot, just enough to get a little bit of a good feeling before I ate my lunch. And now I am just feeling full.

Anyway, I have officially finished Christmas shopping. No more! I refuse to pick anything else up. I have present for everyone on my list -- all that remains is to mail one present and wrap the rest.

I have also come up with an item to put on my birthday wishlist -- it's coming up in a little more than a month. I know it's pre-emptive, but still, it's my wishlist! I want Greetings from Michigan by Stufjan Stevens. I have a few of his MP3s on my computer -- left over from my giddy downloading period of 2002 -- which I quite enjoy. But it just seems like a whole album devoted to celebrating the state of Michigan would be a cool thing to own. Plus he's got a fun name. And I couldn't find it at Best Buy or Barnes and Noble last night. I ended up buying the new Super Furry Animals CD Love Kraft and a mix CD that they put together of their influences, called appropriately enough, Under the Influence.

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