Monday, November 07, 2005

It's kind of sad that the week has only begun and I am already looking forward to Friday.

Anyway, here's the past weekend's wrap up: dinner at the Golden West diner on Friday which was really good. Although whole-wheat chocolate chip pancakes complete with peanut butter butter were not quite as good as I had hoped for, the dinner was delicious. And to complete the starch overload, the table ordered sweet potato fries for an appetizer. Mmmmm...starchy-deliciousness! But the fries rocked with rosemary salt. I think the cinnamon sugar salt probably would have been better, but most of us got sweet breakfast food for dinner. I love pancakes. They are seriously a perfect food.

And Saturday was the big tour at work for the Citizens for Libraries. Made for a looooong day, and I was so ready to go home when it was over. But I couldn't, so I took a long nap when I got home. Fiona Apple's new album is really good to sleep to, I might add. So Saturday night was another Midwest Librarian's housewarming party, where Trip got to make friends with (as he calls them) "my crew." He made a good impression though, so that was good.

And Sunday was my slacker day -- I slept in late (almost 11 am) but I did get to bed late and woke up around 7 am and was awake for a while. But I did laundry and went to Target and bought stuff like toilet paper and batteries and ibuprofen. Did you know that there is a Target brand of liqui-gel ibuprofen? Because I love the liqui-gels! They rock my world when it comes to killing pain.

But I couldn't slack all day -- I went and saw Evita last night at the Hippodrome with NY Librarian. We got season tickets from some veteran librarians here (including my old Maryland Department boss). But it was quite fun. I almost fell asleep at times -- I know that's awful!! -- but the show didn't really grab me. I wish that I had known a little bit more about Eva Peron going in so I could more fully understand the parts that were dramatized, but it was still pretty good. And the guy who played Che was awesome! They also used a lot of news reel footage and stills in the background which really helped set up a sense of time and place. It was neat!

Okay, I'm going to do a little research on Eva Peron to find out the real story.

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