Monday, November 21, 2005

I hit book 100 this morning after finishing up Double Wedding. Ah, the twins got married. I'm thinking I might wait until this weekend to do a big ole book round up. I would really like to make it to around 110-120 books this year. I don't think I can swing twenty more before the end of Decmeber, but I always do read a lot when I'm on vacation. I thought I'd been averaging about 8 books per month, but right now, I'm on track to read an average of 9 books per month, so long as I finish eight more before December ends.

My neck also has been hurting all weekend. I think I pulled something or strained something when I was talking on the phone and making macaroni and cheese (from scratch) with my sister. She was on the phone, not in Maryland. It seems to get better in the morning, but now it is hurting, but not quite as bad as yesterday.

Also, I got two pairs of new shoes yesterday -- a pair of cute trainers and a pair of black maryjane wedges. I love maryjanes...I have seven pairs of them! And I'm all set with a Thanksgiving outfit for this reunion. I'll be a symphony in brown and will hopefully look smart. (Smart in the dressing sense, rather than the intelligent way...although I'm always smart!) I'm surprisingly not nervous, especially now that I've figured out what I'm going to wear, but I have a feeling that on Wednesday morning I will get a little anxious.

Work has been busy lately. This week is super short though -- I've got Wednesday and Thursday off, and I work Friday and then I've got the weekend off! Huzzah! So I should be able to take a break from things and just relax. And next week I'm going to be at a conferences Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so I won't have to concern myself with library related things.

I've also started my Christmas shopping, but I have no idea what to get my parents. Suggestions, anyone?

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