Saturday, September 17, 2005

Wow. It's already almost five o'clock on Saturday afternoon! I have a three-day weekend this current weekend. And what have I done so far? Well, yesterday after work, Junior came over and we watched Million Dollar Baby (quite good!) and ate dinner and just hung out. It was good...and he is a seriously sweet guy. But he's gone home for the weekend -- family birthday -- so I probably won't see him until Sunday at the very earliest.

And then today I didn't do a whole lot. I walked over to Einstein's to get a bagel (I know, I know! For someone who has been complaining about eating out a lot, I sure am doing it quite a bit) with Cupcake. And then in the afternoon, we went to the Room Store and she bought a dresser. Then we went to a branch of the library to visit Lily at work. It was kind of fun to see a branch. It's so cute and little compared to where I work.

The three of us were supposed to go out to dinner tonight at a diner -- and that's still on -- and then shoe shopping. There are some seriously awesome boots from Naturalizer that I want. But they are mid-calf length, which can lead to creating a stumpy leg. So I have to try them on before I drop a lot of cash for boots. So that's my plan -- shoe shopping! I'm sure we'll stop at some other stores as well for other fall fashion items.

And tomorrow I think I might go see Junebug. Cupcake has been meaning to see it a while and it has just finally come to the area. I have also promised CaliforniaGirl that I would go to five o'clock worship, so I've got the morning and afternoon free. She's trying to get her boyfriend to come and we might get dinner or something afterwards. And who knows? Junior might actually show up then too.

And Monday I am going to quilt, quilt, quilt! I've been making a baby quilt since July and Friday is the last planned day that the woman will be at work. So I'd like to at least attempt to have it finished by then...oh well, even if I don't, I do know where she lives, so I could always bring it over after the baby is born.

Okay, we're going to the diner pretty soon. Have a fantastic weekend.

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