Tuesday, September 13, 2005

So Monday was my first day working the new hours at the library. Let me tell you, I really don't like working until 8 pm. But I had a presentation that day and it went really, really awesomely well. So that was really cool. And I felt like I showed them things that they weren't aware of and helped the library become a resource for the prison librarians. Wicked cool. And the Professor said things went well too -- he was along to be my powerpoint clicker. Not like I actually needed him, but still, it was nice. Because there were some technical issues at first -- no USB port (or so it seemed) and I had only brought my presentation on a flash drive. So I was totally freakin' out for like ten minutes. But then...the tech guys removed the mouse and voila! a USB port. And everything went pretty well. Except then I was so super tired the rest of the afternoon -- eight o'clock could just not have come any sooner.

But today is Tuesday and things went better today at work. I got some stuff done and I have a goal for the end of the week -- write an outline for the Interviewing program that I have coming up next week. So, yeah, September is just FLYING by. Seriously, I cannot believe that it is already the thirteenth of September. And then it's going to be October and before you know it, it'll be Christmas and I'm going to be back in Wisconsin.

So, nothing too much else going on. I should go to bed early tonight -- I have been getting up at six-thirty the last couple of days, and it's always hard for me to fall back asleep. So, yeah.

I am so not making any sense now. But that's okay.

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April said...

Rebecca - It's a blast from your past, but I just thought I'd let you know I recently found out about your blog from Dan, who found out about your blog from Jenny's blog. Anyway, the Minnesota journalist from PHS Class of 1999.