Friday, September 02, 2005

So much has happened since I last posted. And can I echo Jenny's sentiments from here?

Well, let's just do a quick recap -- I am totally supposed to be doing something else, but I thought five minutes won't kill me. Hopefully. I went to the State Fair on Wednesday night. Trust me, the Maryland State Fair does not hold a candle to the Wisconsin State Fair. Or even the Sheboygan County Fair. Truly sad, I tell you. And there was not lots o' fun food on a stick, which to me is the highlight of a fair. But I had a corndog. And it was good. I also missed testing the "super pie" that my pie-crazy librarian friend had made, but Cupcake had brought a piece home for me. It was a little bit more tart than I would have liked, but still tasty. So, I went with Junior and it was good. Except when we were leaving and things got awkward. BUT...I think we kind of figured things out. Yes, he actually wanted to put a label on things. (Amazing, I know!) So, this is vague. I'm not good at that whole sharing things -- especially feeling things -- online. But when it comes to work...hmmm...very strange. But that's a tangent that is neither here nor there. I again feel like instead of 25 I am 15. But it's kind of a fun feeling. Well, maybe it wasn't a day ago, but with time, it's feeling pretty good.

Well, enough about that. Basically, my parents are coming tonight to spend a week with me. We've got plans to hit Gettysburg on Saturday and hotel reservations for Colonial Williamsburg Sunday through Tuesday. I hope everything goes well. This time at least I have a roommate and a cat to serve as distractions. Plus my apartment is bigger.

Alright, it's been more than five minutes and I need to finish up this stupid guide. Well, it's not stupid, but I couldn't figure it out right away. Have a fantastic Friday and a good Labor Day holiday.

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Jenny Bean said...

Rebes, I need details! Email me. Pronto. Or call. But I demand clarification!