Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Maybe I didn't write about my weekend yesterday, but I am getting to it.

Not that it's mysterious anymore -- I've probably talked with just about everyone on the phone this weekend. So on Saturday night I went to the Ravens-Eagles game with a friend from church whom I'm going to call Junior. He's an Eagles fan and it was a really fun game. Pre-season football and I was totally uninvested in either team, but we had awesome seats -- corner of the end zone, eighth row back. And we talked a lot. It was good. I enjoyed myself and some pecan pancakes afterwards. So, my whole dilemna on Sunday was date or not-a-date? I believe I've come to the consensus that it was indeed, a date.

On Saturday, I also went to the farmer's market, as previously mentioned. So far with the stuff I've picked up I've made pesto (yum!) and roasted-tomato sauce which is AWESOME. Seriously, if I don't go to Philly this weekend, I am totally getting more tomatoes to make more sauce. It is that tasty.

Sunday I slept in and actually made it to late church, where there were maybe ten people. (No Junior, which was probably a good thing.) I also ended up going over to another librarian's apartment for a pie tasting. It was a serious pie tasting too -- she's entering a cherry pie in the State Fair and there were sheets to rate the crust and the filling and the appearance. It was pretty hard core. Plus she had added marzipan to the pie and it was actually very, very tasty. Almond and cherry is delicious together.

Right, so I need to eat my breakfast.

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