Saturday, August 27, 2005

Here's me being Captain Obvious -- Red Eye is a not-so-suspenseful movie. I mean, Cillian Murphy is totally hot and creepy, but the movie is pretty predictible.

I've actually seen two movies this weekend -- Red Eye last night and Sullivan's Travels this afternoon. Sullivan's Travels won, hands down, despite the fact that I'd seen it before. It's a Preston Sturges movie and is seriously funny! It's also the movie where O Brother, Where Art Thou? gets its plot from, in a fashion. It co-stars Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake and it had me laughing out loud!

I also made it to the farmer's market again this morning and got some more tomatoes to make sauce with, as well as zucchini for bread and some flowers. No fruit this time -- my plums went bad pretty fast last time, and I didn't feel like dealing with peaches or necterines. Actually, Cupcake and I went to the farmer's market at around 10 am and then decided to go to the movie. And since we were already further downtown, we ended up getting coffee to go with the breakfast we picked up at the market and just sitting in front of the theater for about a half an hour. Then the movie theater opened, and we sat inside and waited. It was actually pretty fun just to chill out downtown. It was pretty relaxing!

Anyway, I was supposed to work today, but I had hoped that we could go up to Philly with some other girls to go shopping and whatnot. But it didn't work out, and I didn't feel like going through the hassle of saying, oh, by the way, I don't need Saturday off, we can switch back. The Professor seemed confused enough by the fact that I needed this Saturday off to begin with.

No big plans for the rest of the weekend -- I might hit the State Fair tomorrow, but other than that, I'm planning to relax, clean, and hopefully finish up with the applique on the baby blanket I've been making. I'd like to get that done before my parents get here on Friday, but we'll see if I can manage it.

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