Saturday, June 04, 2005

I've been wearing my glasses for two days now and I feel like I can't see as well as I do with my contacts. I'm not sure what the problem is -- they seem strong enough, but I can't seem to see as far off in the distance as I can with my contacts. I am going to be very upset if it is a mistake on the part of my optometrist -- I don't know if I could get new lenses from Wal-Mart if it's not their fault. But they definitely don't seem to give me the distance that I am used to. And looking at the computer screen for long periods of time also seems harder on my eyes with glasses. Perhaps it's just the fact that I am tired -- didn't get a lot of sleep last night -- but it doesn't seem very normal.

Anyway, it's Saturday and work is pretty slow. Saturdays are never as productive as the rest of the week. Perhaps it is because there aren't as many of us here on Saturdays that I feel the compulsion to goof off and read online news. Or perhaps it is because it's Saturday and I don't feel like working -- it's the weekend. I don't know. I did, however, manage to get some things done today. I wrote a nice email to the big boss outlining my thoughts on Open World Cat -- it's a project OCLC is working on that allows the content of libraries that use WorldCat to be searchable through Google or Yahoo. Of course, it was a trial for a year and it has now been successful, so this upcoming year libraries will have to pay in order to be a part of Open WorldCat. Oh, that OCLC -- they're a bunch of crafty devils!

I get to go to a birthday party tonight for a friend from work. We're going to have cake and play children's party games, like pin the tail on the donkey, breaking a pinata, and drop the clothespin in the bottle. It should be fun -- and I'm planning on being enthusiastic about things!

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