Thursday, June 09, 2005

I took today off because I was all stressed out about work this past week. Seriously, I think the combination of weather changes (from cool to frickin' hot!), stress, and just work crap made me not very happy. And yesterday I was quite worried about things and today seems much better. Maybe it's because I turned on the central air in the apartment, but this morning I just seemed in a much better mood. Perhaps it was because I knew I wasn't going to work this morning, but I seem to have left the work anxiety behind me.

I also talked to my mother this morning and she had a really good suggestion -- perhaps I should think of getting a Ph.D in Library Science or maybe teaching as an adjunct. I think I need a bit more experience before I could teach, but I could see myself getting a Ph.D in library science. Maybe. But in reality, I should try to get more involved with ALA or MLA. Or maybe write an article for publication or perhaps try presenting a poster at ALA or MLA. Who knows? I don't really know how to get that kind of stuff started, but I bet I could figure out. I'm okay with networking.

Anyway, I have had quite a lovely day off. I managed to finish watching the first season of Scrubs. I walked over to Target and got new hairspray -- and managed to get a new sundress to replace the one that was torn on Monday. It's very pretty and flowery. And that's about it. I should clean the living room and the bathroom today, but my roommate won't be home until around eight, so I've got lots of time!


Rabbi Isaac Goldstein said...

Jenny always ignores me on her blog.

Why does Jenny always ignore me on her blog?

Rebecca said...

Mmmmm...I dunno. Perhaps because you're always pretty out there?

Rabbi Isaac Goldstein said...

I am indeed out here, but that is the beauty of the Internet, the fact that I can easily communicate from here to there. Although your there isn't too far from here. It's closer than Jenny's there. Shalom!

Jenny Bean said...

(Oh good lord....)

Hi, Rebes, glad to hear you took a day off and are enjoying yourself. Sorry to hear that you seemed to need the day off. But it happens to everyone from time to time.

If you go on to get your Ph.D. I will feel competatively compelled to at least go get my Masters. I can't have you be so much smarter than me! :-)

Rabbi Isaac Goldstein said...

Please let me know if you are interested in discussing my university's Master's programs. We offer degrees in bagel studies, Jewish interpretative dance, and Manischievitz.