Monday, April 18, 2005

I always thought that a public library would make an awesome setting for a sitcom -- and the pretty funny first episode of Stacked makes me believe that it could succeed, although it may need the addition of a former Playmate. Anyway, there is a comic strip set in a library -- Unshelved! It's pretty darn funny. And I just got, at my local public library, a copy of the strips in book format. Hilarious!! I would totally recommend getting it delivered via email if you enjoy a little library humor.

Anyway, today I was off of work and managed to get a bit of spring cleaning done. I got out all of my summer/spring clothes out of storage -- and managed to find a skirt that I thought I had gotten rid of. So now I have three -- count 'em, three! -- khaki skirts for summer time. And I found a pair of sandals that I had forgotten about. Quite fun -- almost as though I had been shopping.

Getting out my summer clothes has also motivated me to start exercising again. I finally bought a new pair of sneakers for walking -- I think I've been wearing my previous pair for like three years. Kind of a long time. So I got some schnazzy New Balance shoes at a sporting good store. Good times.

And I've been making compliation discs of Stereophonics and Coldplay. It's kind of fun. And I didn't realize it, but I actually have all of the Foo Fighter's albums! It seems hard to believe but their first album is from 1995 -- that's ten years ago!!! How time has flown.

Right, well, I should be getting to work...I need to do a little bit of web design for work. Yup, it's good to be me. Ha!

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