Friday, December 10, 2004

It's foggy in Baltimore this morning and it's raining right. (There go my plans to do anything on my lunch hour, but do I really need a cookie? Probably not.)

It's Friday of a very, very long week. I worked all last weekend and haven't had a day off in seven days. Usually it's not too bad, but this week I am just feeling sooo tired. I think I am starting to catch up from the Thanksgiving wedding fun.

I do have something going on this weekend -- a party with some of the librarians from work. I invited Cute Church guy along, but he is working on the youth group retreat and can't make it. He's just too involved, I tell you! Oh well, it sounded like he would go if he was free, so perhaps I'm making inroads.

Otherwise, I have an enormous list of stuff that I need to do: lots of shopping, baking, wrapping, and finishing up my Christmas cards. I think I'm going to head out of IKEA tonight (well, unless I am incredibly tired) to get my Mom her Christmas present and stop at Wal-Mart.

Yes, my life is really that exciting.

I'll write more as it develops!

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