Friday, October 22, 2004

Now that I've got the obligatory "go forth and vote" post out of the way, I can go on about the innane details of my day. It's Friday!!! I'm leaving in ten minutes to go away to Camp Letts for the weekend. I'm also leading a small group in this Confirmation retreat, which should be interesting. I'm totally winging it.

And I've been listing to the Due South, Vol. 2 soundtrack lately. It is quite catchy, and I cannot get "Oh, What a Feeling" by Junkhouse out of my head. The only problem with the CD is that the Sarah McLachlan song "Song for a Winter's Night" skips and sounds like it's on fastforward. Kind of entertaining in a way. Listening to the CD also made me wonder if Due South had been released on DVD, but unfortunately, I see it is not. I think it is one of the rare TV shows that I would like to own. I mean, a hot mounty in Chicago with a wolf? Can you go wrong with it? I think not. Especially if the mounty is played by the smokin' Paul Gross. (I also own Men with Brooms, the only movie I know about curling, mostly because Gross is in it. It's not really that good of a movie, but it's the best damn movie about curling!)

Dude, I totally lied about Due South not being on DVD. Maybe not in the US, but you can get it from the Canadian Amazon. Look here. Rockin'! And Canadian money is less than American -- not as good as it used to be but still! Awesome. Okay, I gotta go.

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jenny said...

write a novel about whatever you want, but there has to be a character named bean and there has to be an incident involving a squirrel falling *that's right, falling* out of a tree, cause it was too fat for the branch it was on, next to a park bench that someone is sitting on. the falling causes the person to have a heart attack and get sent to the hospital where they don't believe that a squirrel caused the heart attack therefore sending the person to a mental hospital where they are stuck for the rest of time. i personally think it would be funny if this character was beans mother and he knew the actual story but with all the red tape couldn't get his mom out of the hospital instead could only send her one letter a year and monthly batches of cookies. it would also be good if bean believed that squirrels were evil and trying to take over the world. perhaps beans mother really did belong in the mental hospital, with a son like bean.

it would also be good if there was a character who broke their finger from getting an over exuberant high five from their friend. (mine isn't broken)but it would make a good story, cause no one would believe it.

oh yeah and it would be good if you had a dog. dogs are always good in stories, just don't make it talk, just have it be around, as a prop to discuss.