Saturday, September 11, 2004

Y'know, I was looking at my profile and I have been writing a lot more posts for my other blog. I mean, each review or whatever I write is an individual post, but seriously, I've been kind of slackin' over here. So, here's some more stuff to up the stats.

I got to see my actual apartment yesterday. It's very nice, and kind of old-fashioned, which I like. It's Rodgers Forge-esque, only with better appliances, central air, and carpeting. I like carpeting. There are a million outlets for all of our appliance needs, and lots and lots of phone jacks. However, my room, which is the smaller of the two, seems smaller some how. But it's a sufficient space for me. Plus my computer desk is going out in the family room -- or more likely the dining room. So all that goes in my room will be my bed, dresser, nightstand and perhaps a bookcase. I'm not sure which -- I've got a short and really awesome one or a tall and slightly less quality bookshelf. Oh well, I've got plenty of time to figure that out. I also have our curtain needs filled -- we'll be reusing one of my old curtains from here. We definitely don't have as many windows as I do here, but we've got French doors. So I'm planning (well, after checking with S. to get her okay, but she seems a little less interested in curtains) to get sheer panels for each door. I'll put in the cafe rods that go into nails at the top and bottom and gather it in the middle. So it should form a kind of X and let lots of natural light in and yet not be too open for the neighbors across the way to look in.

I'm kind of excited about moving, but at the same time, I want to just stay where I am. But I've signed the lease, so there's no getting out of it now. I just hope that having a roommate will be a good decision. I really do like having my own apartment, but I think having a dishwasher and central air will make up for having a roommate and a cat.

And the Fall TV season has started! Well, kind of. I have really been digging Scrubs -- it's hilarious! I was a little nervous about the addition of Heather Graham for at least eight episodes, but she hasn't been too annoying yet. And Thursday was the big premiere of The Apprentice. I messed up taping it -- I'm teaching confirmation Thursday nights, so I won't be watching it live -- and caught most of it tonight. Looks like a good time. I don't feel like I have a handle on the contestants yet, but after a few weeks, I think it'll be a little easier. Plus the dead wood'll be gone. The Apprentice is the one reality show that I really enjoy.... And Television Without Pity just fuels the fun.

Okey-dokey, hope your weekend is fab as well! Wish me luck in packing!

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