Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Today I'm down in Af-Am, so I'm definitely less busy. But I've got two meetings this afternoon, so at least I'm doing something, even if it's more busy work than actual work.

Anyway, not too much going on. I watched the Packer game last night -- very exciting to see Brett and the gang off to a good start. That will probably be the last game shown on regular TV here for a while. I also caught the season opener of Everwood last night -- it was excellent. I'm not so enthused about the whole did-Madison-keep-the-baby? plot line, but hopefully it'll be resolved soon. Plus the chicky who played Madison is on dr. vegas now, so she shouldn't be coming back real soon. Well, until the curse of Rob Lowe and Joe Pantoliano cancel the darn show.

So...yeah...that's about it. I've got a huge list of people to call in order to change my address for bills and whatnot, and I've got to call to switch my phone, cable, and electric this week. Plus the whole packing thing...yeah, it's all kind of under control.

Well, my life may be boring, but it's more fun than being dramatic.

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