Monday, August 23, 2004

Okay, I finally understand it now.

What is it?

It is why people have cats.

I am kitty-sitting (again!) for Petra, the adorable little fuzz-ball that my soon-to-be roommate owns. She's gone home for around a week, and I was going to be staying in Columbia kitty-sitting. It was a boring weekend because I don't know where anything is in Columbia and it's just a strange place. And then I talked to my mom and she suggested that I take little Petra back to my place. So I did -- last night I packed up all the kitty accoutrement and all my stuff and headed back to Baltimore.

Little Petra seems to be adjusting well to my apartment -- although if I look at her too long, she runs under the bed. I think she likes the dust ruffle. And of course she likes to try to cuddle my neck at night and play with my hair. That's a little annoying, but tolerable.

But gosh darnit if I don't finally get why people have cats. She's just so cute. I wish I had a digital camera so I could take a picture of her perched on the back of my couch.

Well, enough about a cat that isn't mine.

It was a long weekend -- as I said, I didn't do anything except sit around and play with the cat. I did manage to watch too many movies and learn to appreciate Errol Flynn.

Oh, and I saw Garden State on Friday. It was good. It also made me question what is normal, and if I am not normal because I'm not on anti-depressants or in therapy. I think those thoughts might have partially been because of the company that I saw the film with -- I think I'm the only one in the group who hasn't done meds or therapy. Yeah, so I got over that and decided that being "normal" is better than being medicated. Plus I think that's one of the points that Zach Braff was trying to make.

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