Thursday, August 19, 2004

I ended up staying up really late last night to watch the men's all around gymnastics competition. I knew that Paul Hamm was going to win, but it was kind of enjoyable to see the upset happen. Especially because the stupid announcers were all like, oh, he'll be lucky to get any kind of a medal. Freakshows, he wins it all! Wisconsin boys will not be denied their medals!

And then this morning I turned on Bravo -- I don't like watching the Today show because it's all recaps of stuff that happened yesterday and I find Katie Couric's interview with the athletes to be very annoying -- and they are showing the gold medal badminton match in women's singles. Wow -- that is the kind of badminton that I wish I could play. I took badminton for my kinesology class in college, and it was great, but those ladies can really play. It was cool, even if the woman from the Netherlands lost. I was rooting for her.

Other than that, I haven't been watching too much Olympic action. I've been busy catching movies on TCM. Their Summer Under the Stars promotion is just too powerful for me -- a new star every day! So that means that almost every day there is a good movie being shown! And tonight is no exception -- Bette Davis is the star tonight and I will finally get to see Jezebel, the pre-GWTW movie that also stars Henry Fonda. I am looking forward to it -- mostly for the infamous red dress scene. (Well, if it isn't as infamous as I think it is, basically Bette's character wears a red dress to a dance where all the girls are supposed to wear white. She's a jezebel, isn't she?)

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