Friday, July 30, 2004

I can't believe it, but last night I fell asleep during Kerry's speech. Yes, me, who has been watching PBS to get more coverage of the DNC! I caught the beginning and then the end, but I missed most of the middle. But! -- what I did hear impressed me. I feel like he managed to humanize himself and included more of his story -- and not just Vietnam! What a change! I also caught the biographical video that was pretty good -- I learned a little about his family (although I notice they left out the fact that Kerry went to boarding school in Switzerland) but I'm still curious if he's been divorced. I mean, they mentioned he got married twice, but there was no mention of what happened with the first wife. Perhaps he's a bigamist! (Somehow I doubt that, but shady Republicans, start spreading rumors.)

I was also impressed by how Kerry was able to look less stiff. He was actually smiling -- although it looks kind of uncomfortable for him -- and was genuinely emotional. And I loved the "I'm John Kerry, and I'm reporting for duty." I feel like that one line encapsulates what we need from a president -- someone who will reoprt to duty (unlike others) and lead our country.

Well, with the balloon drop, the DNC was over and I was pretty entertained by it. I should send away for a Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker. I may be in a thoroughly blue state (too bad I can't vote in Wisconsin; they need my vote more!), but I can still advertise who I'm for!

I'm getting cable put in this morning, so I have to sit around this morning waiting for the cable guy to show up. And although he could be here as early as 8 am, I have a feeling he won't get here until 11:50 am.

Oh! One more thing about the DNC. Did you love the music? After Edwards, they had the Black Eyed Peas. Now, the song that they were singing had the lyrics "Let's get it started" when in actuality, the real lyric is "Let's get retarded." Not quite as convention friendly, but definitely peppy! And what was up with the music after Kerry? I enjoyed the U2 song, but what came after that? I have no idea what the song is or how it is by, but it was not something I'd want.

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