Friday, June 25, 2004

Our compact shelving at work is broken. It's been like this for several months now, which means that there are two shelves full of periodicals that no one can get to unless they are willing to reach past one shelf to the one next to it. I do that because I can, but today I managed to catch my hand on some of the periodicals and now I'm getting a nice bruise on my hand. Stupid Power Pictorial.

In other library related news, is having her book drive for California libraries again. She's got links to all the CA library's Amazon wishlists. Now, as a librarian, I think this is awesome and getting people involved is great. But it seems like if people could donate money to the libraries and specify that it is for their book buying budget that they could get more out of it. Libraries can typically get really, really good discounts on books -- way more than is available on Amazon. So for the same amount of money, the library could get one and a half books or even more! But I don't know how that works in each library's case -- just from what I learned in library school and working/field experience. Plus I think people are more likely to donate to libraries if they concretely know what their funds are going for -- and what is more concrete than sending a book off an Amazon wishlist?

Exciting news here at work -- I'm going to get to do another presentation. This one will be with my boss - and coordinated with the Children's Department. This guy wrote a book -- One Tiny Twig -- and used the Maryland Department for research (I think). The process of writing the book occurred before I started working here. So he's going to be here in October and I get to assist with some kind of genealogy for kids presentation. It should be fun -- genealogy is interesting and kids are always fun. I think genealogy for kids would be more fun than doing a program on genealogy for grownups.

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