Saturday, June 19, 2004

I had an exciting commute into work today.

I caught a ride with Tom -- I'm doing something (yet to be determined) with Shayna after work and she's giving me a ride home. He had on a Raspberries CD, which had a few of their hits. I got to listen to such hits as "Go All the Way," "Let's Pretend," and "I Wanna Be With You." Honestly, I've got to say it was fairly forgettable, but the best part was that Tom sang along while driving. Quality. Even if it is '70s power-pop at its worst.

I'm bored at work -- is there ever another time that I write? It's also freezing in our back office, and if I hide out back here for the next two hours (that's all that's left in today!), I will freeze. I've also got a questionpoint that I'm not quite sure how to answer. I'm pretty sure that there is no easy answer and the best thing would be to say, "Hon, you need to come to the library to do the research yourself -- we don't have a convinient list for you." But I'm going to try -- not like I have anything better to do!

I went to the mall yesterday afternoon -- the plan was to get a new bra or two at Victoria's Secret -- it's their big sale. I ended up buying two very nice and supportive bras, both not on sale. However, one is a sports bra that cost a fortune and will hopefully be better than what I currently have. Then I ended up buying three shirts from The Limited. Then I went to my new favorite store New York & Company, where I finally got two sundresses that are awesome and a skort. The skort is great too, because it actually doesn't like a pair of shorts at all. It's just like a skirt -- only with shorts inside. I'm wearing it at work right now. And to go with my new sundresses, I got a new pair of sandals at Payless. My new sandals are apparently not cool enough to make the website, but they look like these, only with more straps around the foot. I tried those on, but they had no grip -- I would have been sliding all over at work! And finally I looked for a white cardigan. I have been looking for a white cardigan for quite some time -- I have cardigans in black, red, and light blue, but I need a white one. So I finally found one at Nordstroms. I paid more than I would have liked, but I now have an awesome outfit. Retail therapy at its finest!

And now I'm making money to pay off the credit card bills -- huzzah!

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