Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Blueberry coffee.

It sounds terrible, but is surprisingly tasty. When I walk from where I park to work, I pass by the Congress Hotel. I don't think it's a hotel any more -- apartments, I think. But there's a little coffee shop type place inside where you can get breakfast sandwiches and coffee and all sorts of stuff. That's where I got the blueberry coffee. And the man and woman who run the place are so friendly. I usually get a "hon" there, or perhaps something nicer. I believe today I got called gorgeous. It's a good place for my ego.

Well, things are picking up at the library. I haven't had a lot of reference questions this morning, but lots of what the library likes to call "Customers Assisted." They are the questions that we probably get the most of -- where is this book, where are the bathrooms, how do I get to the humanities department, etc.

The heat here in Baltimore is starting to get to me. I've been so tired after work that I have been incredibly unmotivated to do anything. The office I work in has been so cold lately that I've been really happy to get into the heat and humidity. But I think that changing from such cold to such heat is what is making me so tired. When I worked back at the cheese factory, I had the same problem for the first few weeks after I started working. I'm hoping that it'll go away eventually, and that I can be more awake after work. Or else I just need to bug Doug into giving me his air conditioner sooner. Or just go out and buy one myself.

What's new on the movie front? Well, with the summer reruns showing, and the only new stuff on is crappy reality television, I've been working on watching my Memorial Day cable tape-a-thon movies. Over the weekend, I managed to watch Kid Glove Killer, which was a highly entertaining B-movie starring Van Heflin. And it would totally be relevant today -- it's basically about a police scientist and how he manages to track down the mayor's killer -- essentially, a low tech CSI. And I watched Ministry of Fear, which was totally not worth my time. I was initially intrigued because Ray Milland is in it, but it's got a lame story. In the beginning, Ray is let out of an asylum. He goes to London, but before getting there, he wins a cake at a fete. The cake is the beginning of the end for Ray, and he is pursued by a blind man to get it. There are quite a few murders, and it turns out that the cake was hiding some military secrets. It's WWII, if you haven't guessed already. They have to figure out who is running the espionage circle -- and of course there is a girl. Dull, dull, dull. After watching that, I might have to stop watching all the mystery movies I taped and move on to the war movies -- it was Memorial Day weekend that I got to tape. Perhaps watching The Horse Soldiers with John Wayne and William Holden will be more entertaining...

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