Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Okay, I don't really want to think hard about Maryland today, so the challenge will be tabled until tomorrow, or really whenever I feel like it. Ha!

Tonight I am working, and as usual, I'm blogging instead of working very hard. However, I will say that I have worked hard all afternoon -- I managed to speak to my boss about problems with a co-worker, searched microfilm, worked the desk for an hour, feigned interest in someone's genealogical research, and got directions for my parents to get to D.C. All since noon!

My parents are here in Baltimore today. We went down to the Inner Harbor before I had to be at work and just kind of walked around. We stopped in the Gallery and my mom ended up buying some clothes. Then we had Starbucks coffee, mostly because I was feeling tired and had eight hours of work ahead of me. But they are off to D.C. tomorrow and then we're going up to NYC on Thursday. I am looking forward to New York. It should be fun, and I'm hoping to get to see some stuff that I haven't seen already. And try some new food. I'd love to get lunch in Little Italy. And try espresso. The only thing I worry about is that we won't have a plan of what we want to see and no one will want to say what it is they want to see. I honestly don't care where we go -- I can get back there much more easily than they can. So I'll have to get them thinking about a list of the top 10 things they want to see in NYC.

I have also signed up for a gmail account. It looks pretty cool and my hotmail account is 2/3 full already, so I might sometime make the switch permenantly. However, it would be such a hassle to tell people my new email address that I might just keep this as an alternate. Oh, the address: midwestgirlATgmailDOTcom. Be the first one to send me a new message, yay!

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