Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I just went to a legal research workshop today. And I had a really good time. It covered both federal and Maryland legal research. Now, I knew all of the federal stuff from my gov. docs. class that I took last spring, but the Maryland stuff I had only covered while doing research for the enhanced webguide the library did on legal research. (If you can't guess, I got to write up the Maryland sections.)

I am such a nerd. I love all the abbreviations that are used in legal research. Especially the federal ones. USCAN. CFR. LSA. FR. And there's one good one in Maryland -- COMAR! Hee. And I really enjoy deciphering the court reporter abbreviations. In Maryland there are only two Maryland specific reporters - Maryland Reports (vol. Md. pg. number) and Maryland Appelate Reports (vol. Md. App. pg. number). And you can also find Maryland caselaw in the Atlantic Reports (vol. At. {sometimes 2d.} pg. number) -- but that includes all of the Atlantic region. But federal caselaw is more fun. All the regional reporters and the Supreme Court reporters.

I'm waxing all nostalgic about this stuff, but the sad part is, if I don't use it soon, I'll probably forget most of it. I mean, it's been about a year since I learned about updating regulations and all that jazz, and before this workshop, I couldn't remember it. I guess that's why I wish I worked in an academic setting. I might be able to use more of the knowledge that I have accumulated.

But I will be learning more stuff about Maryland soon. I get to put together a presentation for the seniors that are coming to the library on June 1. I don't have any burning passions about any Maryland topics, so I'll have to come up with something. My boss knows that I like movies, so he suggested film in Maryland. I was thinking about the Baltimore album quilts, but film in Maryland might be fun too. Eh? I don't know.

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