Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I just tried scrapple. I had never heard of it before moving to Maryland, and let me tell you, I'm glad I haven't. Despite being from a state that loves sausage and brats and all kinds of combined meats, scrapple isn't so tasty. Well, actually it's more the texture that is nasty. It tastes like breakfast sausage, but the texture is soft. Like some kind of sausage gone wrong.

What's new and happening? Uh, nothing? Actually, this morning I was bored to death by my fellow carpool mates going on and on and on about cats. Now, I am not a cat person. I enjoy playing with them for a little while, but they are just so feline that I don't ever really want to have one myself. Actually, I enjoy making fun of cats. I mean, they are such easy targets! I am definitely a dog person. And it's not like I don't make fun of dogs too. I call my puppy at home a stupid dog. And she is. But she's more fun than a cat. So it was a long car ride to work. Especially because I was in the front and the two people doing most of the talking were in the driver's seat and the back seat.

Oh well, at least I got to try some scrapple today.

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