Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I have realized that I really like Andy Griffith. I caught an episode of Matlock this morning, and it was entertaining. As in, I don't know why I am watching this, but his folksy charm and unrealistic lawyering has drawn me in. My sister and I used to watch countless episodes of Matlock during the summer. Once summer school was over, in August, we would get to watch all the TV we wanted in the morning. I got hooked on Matlock one summer, then Charlie's Angels, and the one I always tried to watch -- The A-Team. Ah, what good times. And of course, there were the PBS standards -- Ghostwriter, Square One (which still rocks!), the crazy guy who draws, and Reading Rainbow. Ah, yes. Summer vacation rocked. And then Nick at Nite would have Block Party summer -- two hours of Joe Friday Fridays, I Dream of Jeanie Tuesdays, Lucy Mondays, and so on.

To quickly change the subject, how are things going in Baltimore? Oh, pretty much the same as usual. I'm working at getting back to the midwest, however. Hopefully I'll get an interview for another library job that I applied for -- they will be looking at applications starting tomorrow. It's at a university, which was my ultimate goal anyway. It's not that I don't like working at a public library, it's just that I like working at a university more. Although, there is definitely one good thing about the public library -- lots of staff. Academic libraries tend to be a little smaller, and the staff a little older. But hopefully I can eventually meet a really cute and single English (or whatever) professor.

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