Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Gosh, I'm tired.

And I've got a job interview tomorrow. Yea!

I know -- don't you already have a job? Well, I applied for this one when I was bored with my current job. It's at the same library, just a different department. And it would pay more, which was my real motivation for applying. I'm not really lit on fire for the job, but then again, I'm not sparking over Maryland either. So, really, I'm not sure which would be better.

But I'm trying to prep for the interview tomorrow tonight. And it's going pretty well. I'm sure I'll manage alright, and honestly, if they don't offer me the job, I won't be heartbroken.

But I found another job in Minnesota that sounds like lots of fun. Media list specialist, about four jobs down from the top of the list. If only I were as footloose and fancy free as I was a few months ago. Sigh.

Right, I'm getting over it! I have a job, I'm making money. I can pay the rent and my student loans. I know! It's just that I can't help but want to be somewhere else sometimes. I just have to wait until next October before my lease is up, and then I can move again.

But the thought of renting a U-Haul again....shudder!

To abuptly change the subject, I read this article tonight:

Archeologists say workers building a new highway in northern England have made an unexpected and quite significant discovery -- a rare Iron Age burial site.


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