Monday, July 16, 2007

I won tickets!

I just got notified of a voice mail this morning telling me that I had won tickets to see Muse in Philadelphia! I entered the concert at the Travis concert and didn't expect to win. But I did!

The radio guy is sending me the tickets -- even after voicing his concern that if I wasn't going to use the tickets, he could give them to someone else. As if! I will totally sell them if I can't go because any money I make off of them will be pure profit! Mwahahaha!

I'm not even sure who Muse is -- other than some indie band -- but their opening act is the Cold War Kids!! And I love them. So I might convince Trip to go just to see the Cold War Kids and then leave so we can get home at a decent hour.


Zombie Rabbi said...

I will allow you to go only if it is not on Shabbat.

Jenny said...

Dude, uhh... you don't know who the Muse is?

Well, I'm not quite sure who they are really either but they are one of Adam's favorite bands. So he could tell you.

But you should go, or sell them, cause that is awesome as well. Pure profit is always good, that's the way I got an iPod...