Thursday, May 31, 2007

What a day!

Work has been crazy lately. I feel like I haven't had any time to really do anything. It's either been programs or meetings or stupid projects that need to be done NOW.

But it's almost Friday. Huzzah!

I have big plans of going to see Knocked Up this weekend. And attending a surprise birthday party for one of Trip's college friends. Plus a trip to the farmer's market. Yum, produce! And better fruit! The apples that I have been having in my lunch lately have been terrible.

I also have decided that I should use my favorite sundress as a template to make a new one. I keep looking for a sundress very similar to one that I already have, but in different fabric. But they don't seem to have this style in stores! So I was looking at it today and though, y'know, I could just make a pattern out of this one. It's a pretty simple dress too -- basically six panels sewn together to make the dress. The bodice looks a little more complicated, but I bet I can figure it out! Plus I have Jenny and my Mom (sewing experts!) to help me over the phone. My other clever idea regarding the sundress is to make the straps bigger so that I can wear an actual bra (instead of a strapless) with it. Strapless bras make my back hurt!

I'm going to go read my book. I'm tired of looking at the computer.

(Oooh, Boston in less than 3 weeks!! Yippee!)

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