Saturday, January 27, 2007

Seattle was AWESOME. The conference was okay, but getting the opportunity to travel all the way across the country made everything (including two full days of just travel!) worthwhile. Kelly's parent's house was very nice and relaxing, especially since it is right on the water. I spent time in Tacoma relaxing (staying in my pajamas until 2 pm!) and doing a little sightseeing. Including the Museum of Glass where I saw real live glassblowers doing their craft! Neat! We also went and saw Snoqualmie Falls, the "NO!" and "CAUTION!" site of the week.

Seattle was also really fun and included some delicious dining (the Palace Kitchen, a Tom Douglas retaurant), lots of walking around, a trip to the top of the Space Needle, and a tour of the entire Pike's Market. And yes, I did see the flying fish. And it was lots of fun. And included lots of delicious samples of honey, jam, tea, and chocolate covered cherries. Additionally, there really is a Starbucks on every corner. Quite tasty!

I will have pictures up soon to illustrate the fun that I had.

Meanwhile, I'm getting used to Eastern Time again and am back at work. I was so relaxed when I left, not worrying about anything, and last night/this morning I started worrying about work and the wedding and everything. Oh well, back to reality!

Some news in the wedding planning: we've got appointments with a couple potential reception sites this upcoming Tuesday and next Tuesday. I am hoping that one of them works out well. Both are within the budget for the reception and sound like interesting places. We'll see!

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