Thursday, October 27, 2005 tired today.

But work is going well. I am starting up a new staff roundtable which I got announce in a meeting today. People sound pretty interested and another one of the new managers has volunteered to help out. So, yay!

And I have my new car -- huzzah!! It is blue and shiny and clean and drives so nicely. Wee! Seriously, it's awesome. And I will be taking pictures tomorrow of it. So you too can see the gloriousness of my new vehicle. Also, here's a challenge for those of y'all who actually read this thing, what should I call it? I have never had a name for my car before (and no, Smurfette is not an exceptable suggestion) and I feel that with a brand-new car, I should christen it something.

The only slightly bad thing is that the dealership got me new tags. I wanted to keep my old tags because they were really easy to remember and also had the conventional three letters followed by three numbers. So tomorrow I get to go to the MVA (because Maryland is stupid and doesn't like to call it the DMV like NORMAL states) and try to convince them that I should be able to keep my old tags and change the registration around. I hope it works out, but if not, I'll get over it.

Yeah, so Halloween is pretty open right now. There was some talk of going to the drive-in, but that all fizzled out, so I currently have no plans for Saturday night. Bummer. But I'm sure something will work out. I don't even have a costume though, so I don't feel real bad about not being invited to a party or anything.

Right, so, I have had enough of staring at a computer screen for one day.

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jenny said...

blue goose!

That's what I named my mower once upon a time.

otherwise, hmm... bluebird or blueie or bluesky or blu or jean or something along those lines...

good luck and congrats on the new car!