Friday, May 20, 2005

Dang! I found a new shirt that I have to have -- In Soviet Russia, Shirt Wears You. I love Glarkware.

In other news, I read another book! Yes, I finally got around to reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. It was good, but seriously, after reading a discussion about the book in Slate and seeing a segment on it on Sunday Morning, I felt like I had already read most of the book. But it's a fun book -- all about how our first impressions can often be right and how "thin-slicing" can be an effective technique of figuring things out. However, often it seems that we don't really understand how these work -- they are more instinctual. Well, I'm all prepared for the next cocktail party I attend. Riiiiight. But I've definitely been reading more non-fiction of late.

Also, I'm now listed as the Pop Culture Expert on the library's experts/consultants list. Yay!!! I wasn't sure that I had an area of expertise (except for job/career stuff, and that's not really true, except for the fact that I should be an expert because of my job), but then my mom mentioned pop culture and I figured why not? I don't think anyone actually uses these lists, but I'm hoping to get some phone calls asking for pop culture info. That would totally rock.

I've got an eye doctor appointment today -- the real reason I'm online is to look up directions to the place -- and I'm going to get new glasses!!! It's only been six years since I bought my last pair of glasses, so I think it's a bit overdue. And perhaps I can start wearing them instead of contacts. And this month I get three paychecks, so I am totally ready to spend some cash on my eyes. Ah, what fun!

Yeah, so I should probably get directions. I do need to get ready for this appointment and I still want to read the recap of The Apprentice on Television Without Pity. Yay for Kendra -- she may have flown under the radar, but she totally pulled her last events off waaaay better than Tana. And I liked Tana, but she just wasn't very good with people.

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