Thursday, October 07, 2004

I'm having way too much fun with these quizzies.

Well, what's new today? At lunch, I had a rather fun discussion with some other young librarians about '80s toys, including Rainbow Brite and Holly Hobbit (?). We also reminsced about board games and card games, which makes me want to host a game night at our new apartment next Sunday. It would be good incentive to clean the apartment up by next weekend, and we've got room for at least two different games, perhaps three, to go on at the same time. If there are enough people, that is. But you could play in the dining room at the table or in the living room around the coffee table. Hmmm...

Confirmation is tonight, as usual, but tonight I don't have to teach. We're having the Children's Playhouse of Maryland in to perform an hour and a half version of Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat. It should be fun! And even if it isn't, heck, I didn't have to plan anything!

Tomorrow the young adults from church are going to be playing trivia again. I think I'm going to be bringing along Shayna, if she doesn't have any other plans. I am excited, though! Trivia is lots of fun, and I enjoy trying to be smart and cool at the same time. Plus it's a good opportunity to get to know everyone outside of church and Bible study.

Oh, and last night I had the Purpose Driven Life study. I, unfortunately, did not actually read it daily -- instead, I crammed two weeks of daily study into an hour. (I still feel as though I got some stuff out of it though.) This week's purpose was something about community. Our discussion was very off-topic and a little annoying at the same time. I wish that our hostess did a little more steering of the conversation. And we ran over by a half an hour, which was a little annoying.

Right-o. I'm just excited for an actual whole weekend off!

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