Thursday, October 21, 2004

For some reason Blogger has decided not to show the comments made on the post below, but if you click on the comments (0) button you can see a plot idea that Jenny gave me. Thanks, you rock.

And speaking of rocking, how about those Red Sox? Yeah, not so much. I went to bed after the eighth inning, mostly because I was tired and I just knew the Yankees were going to lose. And they did. Too bad, but now I will be getting more sleep because I don't need to watch the World Series.

Today I actually managed to sleep in until 7:22! It is incredibly rare that I actually sleep past seven, but today I did! It's probably because my roommate didn't have to work today and I didn't have her alarm going off at ten to seven waking me up. (She does not get up that early, rather she annoys me by hitting snooze repeatedly. I need to tell her to turn down her alarm a's freakin' loud!) But I did have to work today, and even had to pick up D. (Oy, why our carpools still have to "coordinate" when we don't really live that close together, I don't know. I really wanted to drive in by myself today so I could rock out to my music alone, leave when I wanted to, and not have to make innane conversation. I need to learn to say no politely. End rant about stupid carpooling.)

That's about how exciting life is here. I am looking forward to this weekend when I will be at a camp working with middle schoolers. I'm finally getting the curriculum for the small groups tonight -- and I have to start teaching on Friday! Yikes! Oh well, I'm sure I can improvise pretty well. Plus I should go over my old camp binder and refresh my memory on fun games that we played during Day Camp. Go frogger!

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