Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I called my parents this morning to wish them well on their trip to Ireland -- they left this afternoon for a eight days of fun in Ireland -- and got to talking about how much I would like to go backpacking Europe. I'm thinking about foregoing vacation this year -- except maybe a weekened trip to New York City with S. or Jenny H. -- in order to save up some cash to spend two-ish weeks in Europe, preferrably Italy and maybe Prague. (I know they are nowhere near each other; I just want to see both of them! And maybe Bratislavia in Slovakia. And of course, I'd love to go to Russia, but I hear it's impossible to get a visa...anyway, I need money before I can start planning.) Anyway! I was saying that I would need someone to go with -- as much of an independent person as I am, I'm not comfortable spending two-ish weeks in a foreign country without knowing anyone! So, if you're interested in spending two-ish weeks in Europe with me in the somewhat near future, please email me! If you are evening thinking about saying maybe, you probably already know my email and if you don't, check out the profile -- up and to the right of the screen. Yeah, travel would be killer, but honestly, it all comes down to being able to cough up the cash to pay for the plane ticket and everything. But I'd better do it soon, before I get old and can't handle hostels and cheap travel.

Right, well, I had fun tonight. The Young Adults (I'm going to abbreviate them as YA) at my church have a new Bible study thing going on -- we're reading The Purpose Driven Life. I think it'll be fun, both as fellowship and an opportunity to grow spiritually. And maybe I'll come out with a purpose to my life! Wouldn't that be swell?

Yeah, so my boss still hasn't gotten the schedule together for December. I'm really hoping to go home for Christmas -- normally I wouldn't go home over Thanksgiving, but it's a special, once-in-a-lifetime event (Kelly's wedding). And since one of the other librarian isn't here this week, we're going to talk about it next week. It sounds like I should be able to get off the week before Christmas, and not the ideal week in between Christmas and New Years. But that's okay. I figure a week is probably long enough to spend at home.

And I have finally gotten my resume and (unnecessary) cover letter together for the Librarian II position available at the library. Let's hope that they get back to me. I'm hoping to get at least an interview -- um, although 'cuz I'm on the eligibility list, I'm not sure if I have to interview or not. It'd be awesome if I didn't, but the library is really weird about their interviews -- for the two interviews I've done since starting here, I've gotten the questions ahead of time. It's actually really nice, because then you have time to prepare and don't have those awkward pauses that I've had in interviews before. (Not that I've done a lot of interviews, but still...) In other yay me! news, I think they are trying to make me chair of the Web Editorial Board at work. I'm on the committee and have been since I started here and they keep looking at me when they ask for volunteers. Maybe at the next meeting I'll say yes.

So, that's all for tonight. I'm off to finish reading Unnatural Death.

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