Monday, May 03, 2004

I'm back, after a weekend of fun, fun, fun with the fam. Well, it was mostly fun, although I would probably never again have my parents stay in my one bedroom apartment for an entire week. They can get a hotel next time they come to stay! New York was kind of like I thought it was going to be -- everyone was indecisive. But we did manage to go part of the way across the Brooklyn Bridge, up to the top of the Empire State Building, see Chinatown and Little Italy and not totally drive one another crazy. There were some initial gastrointestinal problems with my mother -- let's just say that I was annoyed but tried to remember that she doesn't plan for these things to happen. I got a Yankees hat though, so I will be ready for the game at the end of the month.

Friday was probably the worst day. I just wanted to sleep in and have a relaxed day, but everyone else seemed to be in a big hurry to do something. We went to Hampden, which isn't that great, and Fell's Point, which really isn't much better. We did have seafood at Phillips in the Inner Harbor, which was good. Although, I didn't think it was as good as Gunnings, where I had had crab cake for my department's holiday party. Oh well, it was a good brthday for my mom. We had cake that was very tasty -- chocolate with vanilla frosting and a layer of raspberry jam in the middle.

Saturday was probably my favorite day -- I didn't have to do all the driving and it was new to everyone. We drove up to Pennsylvania and toured Lancaster and the surrounding Amish country. I got some carrot jam, which sounds disgusting but is really quite tasty. It tastes mostly like cinnamon and other spices and not a lot like carrot. Mom and I also went to a fabric store in Intercourse where they had incredibly cheap fabric. I got some 1930s prints for my quilt for $4.25 per yard or so. Normally, it's eight or nine dollars per yard! I was very happy, and my mom was too. She bought $25 worth of fabric and is planning on checking out their website to see what their online deals are like.

Yesterday we just went to church and got my eyes checked again. I bought a year's supply of contacts and a window fan at Wal-Mart. Then we went over to the Avenue -- an outdoor/Main Street-esque mall -- and I bought some shorts at Old Navy. So now I'm set for casual weekend wear for the summer. Although, I will think about getting a few more tank tops. I also priced some air conditioners -- I'm planning on getting one by June hopefully. Although we'll see how long I can last without one before the humidity gets to me.

Then I took them to the airport and went back home. Their flight got delayed quite a bit -- so much that when my mom called the last time, I told her not to bother calling once they got in. But then I got a call from my dad at like 11:40 pm, waking me out of a sound sleep. Argh. Oh well. They're home, and I'm company-free for another two weeks! Yay.

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