Friday, November 21, 2003

Spurred on by my sister's decision to create a blog, I got a case of the "me too, me too!" And since I'm undertaking a bit of an adventure on the East Coast, I thought, why not?

The plan: To document the experiences of a midwesterner in a mid-Atlantic state. I've moved from Wisconsin to Maryland -- specifically Baltimore -- and have been here for two months. I work as a librarian and so far things are going well.

Although the weather here is driving me nuts. I hate that it's 70 degrees out. It's the middle of freakin' November -- where is my cool crisp autumn air? I still have a window open at my apartment -- and if I were back in Wisconsin it would be between 35-40 degrees out!

Right, well, I promise I won't get into comparing Maryland to Wisconsin too much. I miss my home state, but I know enough not to whine too much.

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